Fruit trees and bushes are susceptible to pest damage all year round. That's why effective pest management through the use of orchard sprayers is so crucial when it comes to growing fruit crops, such as stone fruit, pome fruit and berries, and achieving healthy, high-quality fruit and high yields. In order to withstand high levels of infection, the pesticide needs to thoroughly penetrate the foliage of the fruit crops so that all the leaves are fully and evenly coated. VICAR radial blowers are equal to this task thanks to the high air speed that they achieve with a lower volume of air compared to other types of orchard sprayers. The air, which serves to transport the pesticide, can thus be better directed and positioned to achieve an efficient, sparing application with minimum drift. Thanks to their powerful and adjustable airflow, the radial blowers allow you to penetrate the entire foliage of both low bushes and trees up to 20 metres in height. The high power turbines are easy to operate right from the tractor via hydraulic vertical adjustment. The result is a highly flexible spraying system that can be tailored to the specific needs of the crop.

Benefits of VICAR radial blowers

  • Targeted application of the pesticide
  • Cost savings as less pesticide is required
  • Excellent penetration of the canopy
  • Different nozzles available
  • Air outlets can be rotated 360 degrees and are suitable for bushes, tall trees and everything in between
  • Quiet operation
  • Long service life thanks to the high-quality materials
  • Multi-purpose


The perfect power and range for fruit farmers

The turbines from the 430, 450 and 540 series are ideally suited to fruit farming – both in terms of their power and their range. You can find more detailed information about the various models and variable air outlets here: