Tree Nurseries

Rust fungus, needle blight and oak processionary moth outbreaks are common to nursery stock and Christmas trees, alongside many other infections and pests. Effective and efficient pest control with tree sprayers is, therefore, vital for healthy nursery operations. The high-performance turbines from VICAR offer a wide range of application options: from blanket coverage of tall trees and Christmas trees, to the pinpoint targeting of oak processionary moths and avenue trees, to 360-degree tree spraying. In order to ensure that the trees can withstand the high threat of infection, the pesticide must penetrate the leaves and needles properly, so the foliage and needles are fully and evenly covered. VICAR radial blowers are equal to this task thanks to the high air speed that they achieve with a lower volume of air compared to other types of blowers. The air, which serves to transport the pesticide, can thus be better directed and positioned to achieve an efficient, sparing application with minimum drift.

Benefits of VICAR radial blowers

  • Targeted application of the pesticide
  • Cost savings as less pesticide is required
  • Excellent penetration of the foliage and needles
  • Different nozzles available
  • Air outlets can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Quiet operation
  • Long service life thanks to the high-quality materials
  • Multi-purpose


Effective frost protection treatment for coniferous trees

Besides the precise targeting of oak processionary moths in oak trees, turbines from the 451 and 541 series can also help to protect against frost damage in coniferous trees. Find out more here ».


Great flexibility thanks to the various air outlets

The variety of outlets for turbines from the 430, 451 and 541 series from VICAR are a great advantage for businesses growing a range of crops and trees: they only need one sprayer for their entire crop protection. You can find more detailed information about the different air outlets


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