Cocoa plantations

Cocoa (theobroma cacao) only grows in the hot and humid tropical climate found in Central and South America, West Africa and some parts of Asia. It is highly susceptible to fungal infections, viruses and pests. The fungal infection phytophthora pod rot, which is also known as black pod rot and even “the plant destroyer” in severe cases, can lead to huge crop failures of up to 50 percent. Witches’ broom disease (moniliophthora perniciosa) leads to broom-like growths on saplings. If a flower is attacked by the fungi, it will no longer produce healthy cacao fruit. Viruses such as swollen shoot virus or Javanese cacao moth can massively inhibit the growth of the cocoa plant.

Effective crop protection is vital to ensuring a good cacao yield. In order for the trees to be able to withstand high levels of infection, the pesticide needs to thoroughly penetrate the foliage so that all the leaves are fully and evenly coated. VICAR radial blowers are equal to this task thanks to the high air speed that they achieve with a lower volume of air compared to other types of blowers. The air, which serves to transport the pesticide, can thus be better directed and positioned to achieve an efficient, sparing application with minimum drift. Thanks to their powerful and adjustable airflow, the radial blowers allow you to penetrate the entire foliage of both seedlings and fully established cocoa plants. The high power turbines are easy to operate right from the tractor via hydraulic vertical adjustment. The result is a highly flexible spraying system that can be tailored to the specific needs of the crop.


Benefits of VICAR radial blowers

  • Targeted application of the pesticide
  • Cost savings as less pesticide is required
  • Excellent penetration of the canopy
  • Different nozzles available
  • Air outlets can be rotated 360 degrees and are suitable for both saplings and fully grown cacao plants
  • Quiet operation
  • Long service life thanks to the high-quality materials
  • Multi-purpose