Monitoring and operation of your sprayer with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Advanced technology easy and efficient to retrofit
  • Added value increase of existing sprayers
  • Regular updates keep the systems up to date
  • Software upgrades available for geodata-based documentation in Q4/2018
  • Operation also possible without tablet via keypad




Plant protection uncomplicated and effective

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A compact and rugged control unit for chemical spray.
SmartSpray is a modular solution that combines high efficiency with simple operation and flexible adaptation.
The ergonomic operation of SmartSpray and display of all important application data is performed by an input device with TFT display, rotary encoder and soft keys.
Modular structure, flexible integration of hardware and software as well as expandabilty and adaptability – SmartSpray represents an intelligent system with high and durable utility.
  • Various options such as speed-, flow- and level-sensors are easy to retrofit
  • Additional functions can be optimally integrated through modular hardware and software
  • Coming soon: Data export allows business reporting, storage and management of spray programs and the application data
Download Productinfo: SmartSpray-Webflyer_en.pdf