Grape vine diseases and pests impact both growth and yield. Consequently efficient use of pest control is the basis for achieving better crop yields and higher fruit quality. It's crucial that the chosen pesticide application technology yields complete penetration of the grape vines and results in an even application on all leaf surfaces, both top and bottom, as well as to the infructesences. Once that has been achieved the plants are able to withstand a high level of pest pressure. VICAR's radial blowers are able to deliver exactly this kind of penetration and coverage by using higher delivery velocities while using less airflow compared to other blower types. VICAR's technology provides better directional control of the pesticide carrying airflow and results in a more cost effective application and minimum drift during application to the vines, leaf structure, and grapes.

Advantages of the VICAR Radial Blower

  • Targeted application of pesticides
  • Cost savings through minimal pesticide usage
  • Strong foliage penetration.
  • Variable output capacity allows for complete directional control
  • 360 degree rotating nozzles to suit a wide range of application
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent durability due to high quality materials and fabrication

The VICAR application system: efficient and cost effective

VICAR's radial blowers are designed to be used most effectively by operating along every other row in the vineyard, saving both time and cost. Their high air speeds provide a great advantage: not only do they achieve much greater penetration of the plants in the first row, but also better adsorption of the pesticide in the second row. This is the most important requirement for a thorough coating of all leaf and plant surfaces, both upper and under sides as well as the entire vine structure. Depending on the width of application and the resulting speed loss over distance, the average coating rate is around 40% for the first and up to 60% for the second row. Thus, if you work down every other row, the reverse effect allows you to achieve a nearly 100% application rate on each side of each grape vine.

This technique is efficient on multiple levels:

  • Saves the expense of acquiring multi-row applicators
  • Less fuel use
  • Time and wage savings
  • High velocity airflow results in permanent sanitation of the grape bearing zone
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Faster and more flexible