Nursery stock and Christmas trees are vulnerable to a variety of infestations and pests, such as rust, needle blight, and oak procession moth. Therefore, effective and efficient pest control is critical for healthy nursery operations. The high power turbines from VICAR offer a wide range of application choices from pinpoint targeting of oak procession moth to broad coverage that extends even to tree lined roads using angles of up to 360 degrees. To withstand high pest pressure on tree crops, it is necessary that the pesticide thoroughly penetrates foliage so that leaves and needles are fully and evenly coated. VICAR's radial blowers are able to deliver exactly this kind of penetration by using higher delivery velocities while using less airflow compared to other blower types. These characteristics allow better directional control for delivery of the pesticide and results in a more cost effective application with minimum drift.

Advantages of the VICAR Radial Blower

  • Targeted application of pesticides
  • Cost savings through minimal pesticide usage
  • Strong foliage penetration.
  • Variable output capacity allows for complete directional control
  • 360 degree rotating nozzles to suit a wide range of application
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent durability due to high quality materials and fabrication
  • All purpose application