Fruit Cultivation

Fruit trees and bushes are susceptible to pest damage year round. That's why effective pest management is crucial for successfully growing fruit crops such as stone fruit, pome fruit, and berries allowing you to grow healthy, high quality fruit and achieve high yields. In order to withstand high pest pressure and infection rates any applied pesticide needs to thoroughly penetrate the foliage of the fruit crops so that all the leaves are fully and evenly coated. This is exactly what VICAR's radial blowers excel at by utilizing high air speeds at lower air volumes compared to other blower types. This allows the pesticide carrying air flow to be more easily and accurately targeted according to the individual crop's requirements. The result is more efficient pesticide application with less drift and greater cost savings. The radial blowers with their high performance and variable air flow are able to penetrate the crop's entire leaf structure from low aspect bush crops to 20 meter tall tree canopies. The high power turbines are easy to operate right from the tractor via hydraulic vertical adjustment. The result is a highly flexible spraying system that can be tailored to any crop's specific needs.

Advantages of the VICAR Radial Blower

  • Targeted application of pesticides.
  • Cost savings through minimal pesticide usage.
  • Strong foliage penetration.
  • Variable output capacity allows for complete directional control.
  • 360 degree rotating nozzles to suit a wide range of application.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Excellent durability due to high quality materials and fabrication.
  • All purpose application.